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APSAC Askari XIV will re open on 1st Feb,2016

Welcome to APSAC Askari XIV !


I extend very warm welcome to all readers, especially to parents and students who have the ownership of this Alma Mater. Dear readers, we are living in an era which demands diligence from each individual to take flux of challenges head on. This institution is committed to impart quality education through highly conducive teaching and learning environment. We induce and inculcate moral values, sense of civic responsibilities and inquisitiveness amongst our students. The students are being trained and groomed through blend of curricular and co-curricular activities so that they should not shy away these challenges and are aspirant to excel to compete with changing scenario of modern world. The outlook of wholesome and healthy personality goes much beyond mustering of textual knowledge. APSAC Askari XIV values the right of every individual to realize his/her potentials through the acquisition of knowledge, skill and values in a caring and supportive environment. Our school upholds the freedom of each student to think, create and discover, based on a true understanding of their cultural and spiritual traditions.The philosophy and vision of institution emphasize the training of mind and soul, rather than stuffing mind with formal knowledge of facts and figures. We provide pleasant and encouraging environment for learning that promotes self-determining, creative and critical thoughts and in which students will demonstrate essential skills in academic, artistic and technical disciplines by adopting problem solving approach. It not only enhances self esteem of each student but also challenges each to develop understanding skills, abilities and talent to their best.The institution is also committed to pervade in our students the motivation and will to perform proficiently in the examinations as well as in their practical lives. The cooperative endeavours of our administrative staff, faculty members and students along with the support of parents, we are fully engaged in educating the youth with the hopes that they will become a vital part of society. The institution has purpose built building, appropriate location and well educated, devoted and committed faculty. Therefore, to meet the challenges of future, an up-to-date and well defined curricular have been introduced by our APSAC. This institution is putting in lot of efforts to provide all possible facilities to the students to come upto the expectations of the society and the country.



APSAC Askari XIV will re open on 1st Feb,2016

"Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them."

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